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There are a number of helpful blogs that I have written. Have a look at some of this selection:     This advises you how to write a eulogy.  This talks you through the process after someone has died.  Your funeral choices.  A very special testimonial.    Funerals and funeral celebrants     Choices of funerals


There are numerous organisations concerned with death than can advise you. Some of these are as follows:


National Association of Funeral Directors

Final Fling  

Death Cafes

Dying Matters


Local Suppliers (in the broad Harrow Area)

Greenacres Woodland Burials, Jordans

Flowers: My Last Goodbye

De-cluttering: Juliette 07542 164704.

Counselling & Psychotherapy: Julius Wodzianski

Volkswagen Funerals:

“Celebration of Life” videos: Naomi Johnson  01777 249075