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There are a number of helpful blogs that I have written. Have a look at some of this selection:     This advises you how to write a eulogy.  This talks you through the process after someone has died.  Your funeral choices.  A very special testimonial.    Funerals and funeral celebrants     Choices of funerals

There are numerous organisations concerned with death than can advise you. Some of these are as follows:

AOIC: which I belong to. My membership allows me to offer their free professional counselling (Griefchat) to my bereaved families.

National Association of Funeral Directors

Final Fling  

Death Cafes

Dying Matters

Local Suppliers (in the broad Harrow Area)

Greenacres Woodland Burials, Jordans

Flowers: My Last Goodbye

De-cluttering: Juliette 07542 164704.

Counselling & Psychotherapy: Julius Wodzianski

Volkswagen Funerals:

“Celebration of Life” videos: Naomi Johnson  01777 249075