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Another “special” testimonial

I am conscious that my blogs should be mainly informative or improving in some way. I don’t post a great deal and therefore fall short. I also realise that, although it can be of interest to people, a testimonial has limited relevance to many.

However, it is difficult not to want to share with the world out there such a testimonial as I recently received. It certainly answers the question that I am often asked: “Why do you want to be involved with funerals?”

I am so proud of these words (quoted verbatim) and feel inspired to aim for (at least) similar results in the future.

Oh, and thank you for reading!

“I would like to thank Michael for his perfect deliverance of my Mothers funeral. 

“He was sensitive, sincere, supportive and took all my advice and constant changes to the service without any negative comment. 

“The service was amazing and he had the whole congregation in fits of laughter and tears when reading out my mothers biography. 

“This is how a funeral should be conducted. 

“I took on board his suggestions which alleviated me to concentrate on other things . 

“It was an absolute pleasure to have this absolute gentleman conduct a service that was so painful, but turned into a perfect celebration. 

“Thank you Michael.”


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