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Special Testimonial

Special Testimonial

I know I have a separate page for testimonials, but how often do people take the trouble to plough through them, I wonder?

I hope that, by making a mini-blog out of this one, it will attract more attention and may encourage more people to read this. It is certainly something that makes me very proud – and is a kind of a raison d’etre for me. When people ask me, as they often do, why I compile and conduct funerals, this is one answer .

Michael led my father’s funeral last May 2021! He was remarkable in his delivery of well chosen words, readings & poems – I was incredibly moved in the way in which he gaged the mourners & their grief & knew when to have time to breathe throughout readings! 

Working with him, prior to the service, was very humbling! He was passionate, engaged & understanding to our needs & what we wanted from the service. Very patient also, with my ever so regular changes to the format. There was huge admiration for him from all the family & friends that had attended that day! I invited Michael back this year, to be our celebrant at my parent’s memorial service! Yet again, he was wonderful to work with & led a beautiful programme with such grace & inspiring words! 

We have been incredibly fortunate, to have been under his care & guidance throughout very sad & challenging times! Those services will forever be imprinted in our lives, because of the very special love & care that Michael gave to them! Thank you so much from us all! 🙏🏻❤️

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