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Why I enjoy Funerals

People can’t understand why I am passionate about funerals. Weddings, OK, but funerals …???

The key reason is that I get a lot of satisfaction helping people when they are (often) at their lowest ebb. I come in, usually as an outsider, and give them information they will need, answer questions they may have and offer them a listening ear.

I give them reassurance.

I show that putting together a funeral service is not so hard, and the results can be very satisfying to all concerned.

I am privileged to hear things some of the rest of the family may not have heard before. For the week or so between being given the contact details and the funeral, I build up a bond between the next-of-kin and myself.

When I conduct the ceremony, I often get thanked afterwards, which is very rewarding. You can’t beat things like, “Uncle Dave would have loved that” or “I really enjoyed the service”.

Less significant perhaps, no two families’ stories are the same. I meet some lovely people. I get a kick out of being there for folk who are often confused, angry, grieving or bewildered. The personal touch is very important – even if more of it is done remotely these days.

On a trivial note, I guess, I also enjoy relationships I have made with funeral directors and their teams and with crematorium staff. And I do get the chance to visit some lovely cemeteries that I would never otherwise see.

I conclude, as I began, with an autumnal scene from Gunnersbury Cemetery.

Perhaps now you’ll get some sort of an idea why I love my job!

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